• Electric manhole 3x3 pdf
  • Electric manhole 4x4 pdf
  • Electric manhole 6x6 pdf


Product Line

  • Precast utility vaults for the utility, electrical and telecommunication markets
  • Many standard sizes
  • Custom sizes and shapes available
  • Sections produced up to 100,000 lbs.
  • Risers, frames, covers and hatches available
  • Utility vaults regularly stocked to meet the specifications of local utility companies


Standard Sizes

width length
2' 2'
3' 3'
4' 4'
4' 6'
6' 6'
6' 12'
8' 16'

all sizes are inside dimensions


Custom Products

  • Vault and lid thickness will vary depending on loads and conditions
  • Size & location of access openings may vary
  • Round or square risers available to bring frame & covers to grade
  • Frame & covers or hatches can be cast into the lid or supplied loose
  • Holes, knockouts, terminators, cable racks and all embedded items can be located per project requirements


For detailed view of Utility Vault customization see pdf