The Gillespie Precast, LLC Modular Sand Filter conforms to current Delaware National Resources Environmental Control (DNREC) and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) specifications. The standard pre-cast concrete tank is divided into two equal sized parallel chambers. The dimension of each being 7' - 10" by 2' - 0" by from 2' 6" to 4' 0" deep depending on local conditions.

Benefits of sand filters include:

  • Effective and safe removal of pollutants, floatables and heavy sediments
  • Space saving stormwater filtration in highly developed sites and sites with steep slopes
  • Structure strength
  • Uniform quality
  • Easy installation
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Environmental compliance



  • Delaware Modular
  • DC Style

Approval Letter, Delaware

Approval Letter, Maryland

Engineering Information For Delaware