Catch basins are part of a storm-drain system and are designed to prevent flooding or the accumulation of standing water. The catch basin consists of a grate and a below-ground compartment. The grate sits flush with the ground. Water runs through the grate and into the compartment below. The structure may include a sump to handle sediment and debris. An outlet pipe drains the water. Gillespie Precast manufactures a complete line of custom catch basins and to support all your needs for wastewater and stormwater systems.

A properly designed catch basin prevents water from collecting on roads, parking lots, playing fields and other surfaces. Catch basins are sometimes called storm drains because they prevent flooding from rain and melting snow.

Advantages of Catch Basins:

  • They ensure water-tight pipe-to-structure connections and quicken the installation time. (No need to wait for the hydraulic cement to dry before back-filling the structure)
  • Crafted with precast, high strength concrete
  • Easy and quick to install
  • Various sizes available, to address design parameters