Parking Bumpers & Precast Concrete Steps

Precast Advantages

Gillespie Precast manufactures standard 6′ and 7′ parking bumpers. Holes are placed at each end of the piece so that a ½” rebar can be inserted for anchoring to asphalt or concrete surfaces. The center of the bottom of the piece is raised slightly to allow for water drainage.

Gillespie also manufactures precast concrete steps. Unlike concrete steps poured on site, our precast concrete steps are manufactured within our production plant. These hollow units are lighter, which makes them less likely to settle. We make sure the treads, risers and landings of our stairs are made as one solid piece. This means there are no mortar joints or gaps for water to seep into, unlike natural brick or stone steps.

Our Greenwood, DE plant is responsible for the manufacture of Gillespie Precast parking bumpers and steps; for purchase or additional information, please contact 302-349-5528 or email the Plant Manager.

Benefits & Features