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Gillespie Precast Plant 1 and Plant 2 achieve a score of 100% on the mandatory surprise NPCA annual audit. Read more



Serving the mid-Atlantic region to include Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, New Jersey, and Washington D.C. markets

Gillespie Precast National Precast Concrete Association

Gillespie Precast is a National Precast Concrete Association (NPCA) Certified Plant. Gillespie Precast has received NPCA recognition for its quality of work over the years, particularly
NPCA Quality Merit Awards.

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Product Spotlight: DCS

Gillespie Precast offers a wide variety of frames, grates, and covers through our sister company Delmarva Castings & Supply (DCS) and partnership with the Neenah Foundry.

Value Engineer Structures

We provide customized precast solutions for the job and as Value Engineer Structures.

Thorough Product Inspections

Our Precast products leave our facility after being thoroughly inspected. This allows us to install on time to support your timely expansions.